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Just to let you know…

You should check out my newest piece for the Lost Girls: Practice French Before You Visit France: 5 Easy Language Tips.

Nothing too exciting has happened in the last couple days – finished my first essay of the year (always a bit challenging, and especially in French!) about the play, The Marriage of Figaro. Thankfully it was not too difficult, and Julie, my wonderful French roommate, offered to look over my paper and make corrections – I’m so glad she did!

On the trail!

After class today, Beth (our director) offered to take us on a hike in a nearby park. It was wonderful to get outside and walk through some nature (not to mention burn off all the dessert I’m having – twice a day dessert!). We were trying to reach the top of one trail where there is a scenic overlook. Unfortunately, Beth has a sense of direction like my mother (sorry Mom! :P) so we wandered around in circles for a while. I didn’t mind being lost though – there were great views of the city to look at! There were also all sorts of playground equipment placed throughout the trails – some pull up bars, later on a balance beam, etc. We eventually reached the scenic overlook, took some good pictures, and meandered back home.

On the trail with Alejandra, Beth, Shawn, Leah, and Laura!

Me at the scenic overlook

A bunch of snails on the side of the road! Escargot, anyone?

Beautiful Cannes

This weekend, we are planning to take a mini-excursion to Nice, a nearby city. It should be pretty fun – and nice to get off campus! I promise I’ll update after weekend adventures :)

Love to all!


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11 Days in…

I have been in France for 11 days! It is just starting to sink in that I will not be returning home for a while…it has been the longest week and a half of my life! That’s not necessarily a bad thing – it has just been taxing trying to establish a new routine, familiarize myself with my surroundings, and get used to life in France. Since my last update, I honestly haven’t been doing a lot – nothing very exciting.

In a garden next to Le Suquet

Sur la plage! The waves we so big that day - see the whitecaps?

We have had a lot of free time lately because we haven’t had much to do for classes (and we only have 2 classes right now!) and we haven’t really figured out what to do with all of it. Cannes is a beautiful city, but it seems as if there aren’t a lot of things to do here – the beach is the main attraction. However, we are still getting to know our surroundings. I like to keep busy, and this feeling of being “on vacation” is nice but I prefer having a lot to do!

In the past week, I’ve been to the beach a lot – I’m starting to lost the Minnesota pale and get a tan! :) Leah and I took a trip to the local library (only about a block or 2 away from the school) and it was so exciting to see everything in French! I decided to get “Le Bon Gros Geant” – The Big Friendly Giant – by Roald Dahl. I remember loving that book when I was little, and I think I was about 10 years old the last time I read it. Leah and I decided that children’s and young adult novels would be a little more manageable, especially when we are already familiar with the story.

We also have been exploring Cannes a little more, trying to familiarize ourselves with the city, and have something to do! We stopped at Le Suquet – medieval church and the remaining walls which had great views of Cannes! There is also a small museum there – a hodgepodge collection of prehistoric artifacts and some more modern paintings.

Over the weekend, my group decided to try out the Cannes night life! The first night was not entirely successful – paid for drinks

The view from Le Suquet - beautiful, n'est-ce pas?

that were too expensive and went to a club that played too much techno and was far too smoky. We also misjudged exactly how far away it was, and somehow missed out on taking a taxi back so we ended up walking several miles back to campus – barefoot because the heels we wore were not made for walking so far! The next night we tried for round 2 and it was so much fun! We went to a karaoke bar and later to a club for some dancing.

I now have a roommate! She just arrived today, and I met her this afternoon. Her name is Julie, and she is French – from Nice, which is only about 30km or less away. It is going to be a great linguistic experience having a French roommate – we can help each other learn and practice French/English!

A funny ad - says "come as you are"

I think that’s about it for now….love you all! A bientot….

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